I’m Rebecca, Project manager for Kingcade Home


Excellence in Project Management is at the core of any successful home renovation. Without the right logistics, even the most creative of ideas can’t be brought to life.

Kingcade Home offers comprehensive project management services for residential and commercial projects.

We work with residential clients to renovate one room, multiple rooms or an entire property.

We also work with commercial clients across the retail, corporate, hospitality and property industries.

Our team travels across Sydney including Central Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Hills District and surrounding suburbs.

The process begins with a free initial consultation to understand your needs. This can be held in your home or at our Castle Hill-based design studio.

We will then develop a proposal and negotiate a package to suit your needs.

Our team will then source, procure and appoint the appropriate consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers to undertake the works for you.

Our extensive and eclectic range of furniture will make this process a delight for you. We will work together to style, shape and bring beauty and functionality to your interior spaces.

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I’m Emma, Kingcade Home interior stylist, and author.


From the larger vision to the smallest of details, Kingcade Home offer interior styling services tailored to suit each client and budget.

Our interior design goals include:

  • creating a home or commercial interior which complements the style and tastes of its occupants or business purpose
  • creating the right balance between space and furnishings
  • making each room deliver maximum function
  • utilising space in unique and interesting ways
  • delivering a colour palette that is beautiful, inviting and balanced
  • placing importance on each item to make sure it has a place and purpose within the larger space
  • maximising natural light and accentuating room features

This is truly a collaborative process where we work with the client to brainstorm and create their dream home or commercial space.

Our clients enjoy the process and find it both professional and relaxed. We guarantee an approach which is flexible, timely and understanding. No question is too big or small. We are here to help.

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the journey

At Kingcade Home, we believe interior design is about both the journey and the destination.

From inspired choices to practical solutions, we employ a range of strategies to determine the who, what, when, where, why and how for your interior design.

Who – we know the right talent and suppliers to suit any budget.

What – choose from our extensive selection of furniture made in Australia and destinations around the world. We can help you decide which pieces suit your desired look from classic to colourful.

When – Our experienced project manager will develop a timeline in collaboration with you. From short to long lead times, we have a range of solutions to meet any time frame.

Where – We know which piece of furniture should go where. Decades of experience has taught us how to make inspired and functional decisions about your space, in collaboration with you. We work with clients across Sydney including Sydney Central, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District and surrounding suburbs. Do you want to know if we can travel to your home? Contact us to discuss.

Why – We believe every design decision should have meaning. We have learned from a range of interior design experience.. Every item should have a purpose, every piece should bring joy.

How – This is the best part. Once we work together to design the interior of your space, you can then leave the ‘how’ up to us. We have a considerable network of suppliers, designers and experts ready to assist us. We look after the purchasing and achieve excellent trade discounts on goods.

Our team have decades of experience.

Contact us to discuss how we can help bring your home furnishing dreams into reality.

How it Works

Our services are customized to your individual needs and personal style.

Step 1: Let’s talk

Let’s get started, tell us about your project, your style and how you would like to see your space transformed.

Step 2: Let’s Meet

We will come to see you at your home, or you can meet with us at our Castle hill Sydney based design studio

During your initial one-hour consultation we get a feel for your project, collecting information on your space and how you want to feel in it once we finish creating your vision.

After the consultation, we will send you a custom proposal that includes a recap and a breakdown of the suggested number of hours you need to create your dream space. Keep in mind you can roll your project out in stages to assist you with cashflow.

Step 3: Let’s make it happen!

Purchase the hours you need. We will work with you in person, online or through video chat depending on your package.

Throughout this stage, we will provide you with interior design direction, delivering your scope and our services based on your needs.

As your dream space begins to come to life, collaborate with your designer using our Shopping List and Concierge Service. You simply select what you want, and we purchase everything that you and your designer have chosen together. Take advantage of our trade only price, shop and save! We even take care of the deliveries and installations.

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